The Guardian Monitor app is a client for retrieving data from the carelink system. Any settings from the application level do not affect changes in the carelink system.

Log in

First of all, you should choose the appropriate carelink server, i.e. US for US accounts or EU for others. For the proper operation of the application, you must provide the same login details as for the carelink system partner.

Tabs description


This view shows the current glucose level and a graph from the last 24 hours.

In the upper left corner there is a Full Screen button, the inclusion of which will put the application in a full-screen state, which will not be extinguished by the system, so that the application will be visible all the time.


Here the statistics of the last 24 hours are presented. Range configuration is taken from Settings.


In order for the application to make an alarm sound for the relevant events, you need to turn it on. In addition to the sound, the application in the top banner displays a description with the possibility of enabling snooze.


Configure the upper and lower range for which the application is to trigger an alarm.


Configure the alarm to sound before reaching the upper and/or lower range.


Missed readings

Configure the alarm to sound when, for some reason, the application cannot retrieve the readings.



Here we see your current account and username, which you can edit.


"Glucose unit": the ability to set the glucose unit, but for mmol/L - the glycemic status on the application icon will not be updated.

"Maximum/Minimum glucose norm": affects the Statistics and the Graph.

Keep the app running in background

Allows you to update data and play back alarms when the application is in the background. The application, while in the background, triggers the sound of the clock ticking. If someone is bothered by this sound, it should be muted. Enabling this option may result in higher power consumption.